Motion Detection Sensors

QMS Motion Detection

QMS Motion Detection

KEMET’s QMS thin-film digital pyroelectric IR sensors combine high sensitivity with fast response times to ensure rapid and accurate motion detection, and high dynamic range to allow motion detection nearby or over larger distances. The 2×2 pixel version of this device allows users to determine the direction of motion. These high-quality sensors, in their small SMD package, integrate a digital, current mode read-out. Industry-standard I2C communication enables interfacing to microcontrollers and allows for easy tuning. Gain and filtering options can be optimized via the I2C interface . These sensors can be connected together in linear series to allow synchronized sampling across devices.

  Part Number Element Size Filter Aperture Typical NEP
Motion Detection USEQMSEA011680 0.41 mm2 1.65 mm 2.7 x 10–10 W/√Hz
Motion Detection USEQMSEA221680 4 X 0.057 mm2 1.65 mm 0.4 x 10–10 W/√Hz
Motion Detection USEQMSEA220980 4 X 0.057 mm2 0.9 mm 0.4 x 10–10 W/√Hz
Features and Benefits Field of View Applications for Motion and Gesture Detection
  • High sensitivity with fast response time
  • High dynamic range
  • Small SMD package
  • I2C communication compatible and digital output
  • Programmable gain and filtering
  • Various pixel and filter options
  • Integrated configurable amplifier, filter, and ADC
  • Ultra-low power comsumption and standby modes, motion triggered wake-up
  • Contactless switching
  • Industrial automation equipment
  • Smart home and building
  • Lighting
QMS SMD Sensor Module

QMS SMD Sensor Module

The Motion and Gesture Sensor Modules consist of a breakout board, on which an SMD motion sensor is mounted, ideal for easy evaluation and quick prototype development.
A ribbon cable for flexible connection to user’s hardware or backplane and control board is included.

Part Number Including Sensor Filter Aperture Element Size Typical NEP
USEQMSM1011600 USEQMSEA011680 1.65 mm 0.41 mm2 2.7 x 10^–10 W/√Hz
USEQMSM1221600 USEQMSEA221680 1.65 mm 4 X 0.057 mm2 0.4 x 10^–10 W/√Hz
USEQMSM1220900 USEQMSEA220980 0.9 mm 4 X 0.057 mm2 0.4 x 10^–10 W/√Hz

Outfitted with all necessary components for the 1.8-3.6 V power supply of the device, all functionality of the sensor is routed out to a 10-pin 1.27mm pitch IDC connector on the back side of the 16 x 13.8 mm PCB. The build height including the socket is 9 mm. They provide up to 1 MHz Fast Mode+ I2C communication to configure the sensor and read data from it.


  Pin Symbol Type
1 Vsupply Power supply
2 Unassigned
3 SCL (I2C) Digital in/out
4 SDA (I2C) Digital in/out
5 CS Digital in
6 INT Digital out
7 SYNC Digital in/out
8 CLK Digital in/out
9 Unassigned
10 GND Ground

There is a chip select/enable pin and an interrupt output available. The CLK/SYNC pins can be used to feed an external clock signal in to the board or, alternatively, distribute the clock signal of one board to several other boards, thereby creating a synchronized “network” of sensors.

Part Number Use Type  
USEQCSK0000000 Control board for modules
  • Preassembled backplane PCB
  • USB communications cable
  • Ribbon cable, optional use (up to 4)

USEQCSK0000000 can flexibly host up to four modules. With no hardware design work required, a combination of this backplane board and any of the attached SMD sensors can produce infrared sensor signal measurements out of the box in the early evaluation and design stages. This control board is provided with PC software allowing the user to configure and read out each of the SMD sensors connected. The sensor data is visualised in real time on a scope plot in the user interface. A csv file capture facility records the digital signals from the sensors for further processing by the user.

Product Listing

Product Listing

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QMS Evaluation Kit

QMS Evaluation Kit

KEMET offers 4 different evaluation kits which have the sensor products at their core, to allow for low cost, low power, non-contact mid-IR motion, presence, and gesture detection, with or without Fresnel lenses. These evaluation kits can be connected to PCs over a micro-USB port. All evaluation systems are provided with Windows PC software, which allows sensor configuration, sensor signal visualization, and data capture to CSV, and also additional application-related functions in some cases.

  Part Number Use Includes
USEQMSKL011600 Motion Sensor With Fresnel Lens Eval Kit
  • USEQMS SMD motion sensor kit
  • Sensor USEQMSEA011680 1p x 5.0 µm LWP
  • USB communications cable
USEQMSKL221600 Directional Motion Sensor With Fresnel Lens Eval Kit
  • USEQMS SMD directional motion sensor kit
  • Sensor USEQMSEA221680 2×2 5.0 µm LWP
  • USB communications cable
USEQMSKS221600 Long-Range Motion Sensor With Fresnel Lens Eval Kit
  • USEQMS prototype long range motion sensor kit
  • Sensor USEQMSEA221680 2×2 5.0 µm LWP (large aperture)
  • USB communications cable
USEQMSK1220900 Medium-Range Motion Sensor Kit, No Optics
  • USEQMS prototype motion sensor kit
  • Sensor USEQMSEA220980 2×2 5.0 µm LWP (small aperture)
  • USB communications cable