Piezoelectric Haptic Actuators

Feel the difference with innovative, high definition haptic solutions



Haptic actuators are revolutionary, next-generation haptics technology with the unique ability to provide localized bodily sensations and tactile effects currently unavailable with any other product in the market. These flexible and versatile actuators can be used in a broad range of applications including AR/VR, sports training, gaming controllers, as well as visionary products of the future that leverage human-computer interaction. With this thin and flexible piezoelectric film technology, designers can add the sense of touch to the surface of products providing:

  • Localized, independent sensations that enhance user experience
  • Natural, organic, authentic touch sensations
  • Programmable, customizable effects providing a unique range of sensations
Method of Operation

Method of Operation

Haptic actuators are similar in operation to ceramic piezo-electric devices but instead of being made from relatively large and heavy ceramic materials, they are made from flexible polymer film materials that result in very thin actuators. They can be driven using a microcontroller, amplifier, and feedback loop mechanism that when stimulated with different waveforms, a variety of high-definition, localized tactile sensations can be created. 



Due to their very thin and lightweight design, these actuators can be integrated onto both rigid and flexible surfaces to deliver very precise and localized haptic response. While not a strict replacement to the coarse response of piezoelectric ceramics and eccentric rotating masses, these devices can be used in conjunction with more traditional haptic elements to deliver fine-point feedback in addition to the coarse feedback offered by other mechanical response devices. 

Parameter Value Unit
Size 14.1 x 18.5 mm
Thickness 0.6 mm
Weight 56 mg
Operating voltage 212 @ 150Hz Vpp
Frequency Range 10 - 500 Hz
Out of plane displacement ~200 um


These devices are intended to deliver precisely controlled haptic feedback that can deliver sensitive tactile information to the user and convey specific material textures and familiar feelings, like the clicks and clacks of buttons, raindrops, and more. The implementation of the systems is similar in power consumption to piezoelectric implementations. The input waveform can be specifically tailored (via a driver circuit) to deliver a wide variety of sensations.

Microchip Partnership

KEMET has partnered with Microchip to create a chipset that drives thin-film (piezo) actuators and enables haptic applications in various surfaces and devices.


The HV56020 is a dual amplifier with an integrated boost for driving piezo actuators for haptic applications, such as KEMET film actuators. The HV56020 has three functions: dual 250V operational amplifiers, a boost controller, and a power MOSFET. The design of the op amp drives haptic (piezo) actuators at 225V with a 40 mA minimum source/sink current. The boost controller, power MOSFET, and an external transformer generate the voltage supply for the HV opamps using a non-isolated flyback configuration.


The HV56022 has dual 250V operational amplifiers. The design of the op amps drives haptic (piezo) actuators at 225V with 40 mA minimum source/sink current.

A development tool that allows customers to evaluate the function and capabilities of the HV56020 and HV56022 is also available. The Evaluation Board presents a 4-channel solution for Haptics applications.