FMU Supercapacitor, 105°C, Automotive Grade

The FMU is the world's first Automotive Grade, 105° supercapacitor rated for 5.5V operation and long life (1000h at maximum rated conditions). Its aqueous based electrolyte system is designed for Hold-Up / Real Time Clock applications in harsh environments.

These supercapacitors are ideal for automotive applications needing a main power system backup during a power loss, such as ADAS, autonomous vehicles, and central gateway ECUs. Supercapacitors are ideal for maintaining the main power system’s real-time clock or volatile memory when it is removed, such as during a power failure or when the main power system’s battery has been removed for replacement. Additionally, these supercapacitors offer power backup in equipment ranging from IoT devices, smart meters, medical devices, and industrial computing.


  • Automotive Grade
  • Harsh environment capable
  • 1,000 hours at 85ºC/85%RH rated voltage.
  • Wide range of temperature -40°C to +105°C
  • 1,000 hours of operational life at 105°C, 5.5V
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