APL90 Rectangular Polymer, Low Profile

APL90 is an AEC-Q200-qualified rectangular aluminum polymer capacitor designed for 48V automotive applications requiring compactness. Offering a low profile and footprint, it offers high capacitance, high ripple current performance, and robust vibration resistance. Rated at 125ºC, the APL90 offers excellent volumetric efficiency in a shape that lends itself to stacking into modules.

The rectangular shape allows these capacitors to be mounted in horizontal or vertical positions for easy use with a heat sink from the large surface area of the aluminum case or along its thickness. It is a solution for applications requiring very low profiles and systems needing high energy-efficient 48V power supplies used in high-end data centers.


  • Rectangular shape for good volumetric efficiency and modular stacking options
  • Easy use of multiple heat sink options - allowing IAC optimization
  • Compactness
  • Life of 2,000 hours at +125°C [(VR) and (IR) applied]
  • AEC-Q200
  • High vibration up to 20 g
  • Excellent ripple current capability - Up to 26A
  • Excellent surge voltage capability
  • Optimized designs available on request

Automotive applications include DC-Link on 48V inverters for MHEV, DC-Link on 48V systems motor drives as water pumps, power steering or cooling fans. Also, applications include input capacitors for 48V systems in data centers and power supplies.
Lower voltages (25VDC, 35VDC and 50VDC) are available upon request supporting new design platforms.