AAR7V is an AEC-Q200 qualified high voltage aluminum rectangular capacitor, designed for automotive applications. It offers a voltage rating up to 500VDC featuring high ripple current capability, and robust vibration resistance. Rated at 85ºC, the AAR7V offers good volumetric efficiency in a shape that facilitates stacking into modules. The large surface area of the aluminum case allows for easy use with a heat sink.


  • Low-profile rectangular shape
  • Life of 10,000 hours at +85°C [(VR) and (IR) applied]
  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • High vibration up to 40 g
  • Excellent surge voltage capability
  • Optimized designs available on request


Due to its rectangular shape, the AAR7V stands out for space and volumetric efficiency. Thermal management improvement allows for alternative DC-Link capacitor bank construction. Whether side by side or stacked, there is no wasted space between capacitors.

  • Automotive
  • On-Board Chargers
  • Power Inverters
  • Wall Boxes
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