A784 Hybrid Polymer V-Chip 150°C

A784 is a surface mount conductive polymer hybrid capacitor with outstanding electrical performance. The A784 winding is housed in a cylindrical aluminum can with a high-quality rubber deck. Low ESR is conditioned by a highly conductive polymer (PEDOT/PSS). The polymer system creates an electrical pathway between the anodic oxide layer and the cathode through a mechanical separator -paper. The A784 winding is impregnated with liquid electrolyte that translates to the self-healing features of the capacitor. Due to its mechanical robustness, the A784 is suitable for use in mobile, automotive and aircraft installations with operation up to +150°C.


  • Surface mount form factor
  • High ripple current up to 2.5 Arms @150ºC
  • High temperature: 150ºC/1,000 hours
  • Low leakage current (Typically no re-ageing required)
  • High vibration resistance up to 30g (anti-vibration version)
  • Self-healing behaviors
  • Outstanding electrical performance
  • AEC-Q200 compliance
  • RoHS compliant
  • Halogen-Free


  • Automotive Electrification
  • Automotive Powertrain (ECUs, DC/DC Converters and 48V Inverters for MEHV)
  • Industrial (SMPS, DC/DC Converters, Computer Voltage Regulated Modules, Miniature High Power Supply)
  • Functions include Backup, Bypass and Decoupling, Filtering, Smoothing and DC-Link
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