A781 Hybrid Polymer V-Chip

The A781 V-Chip hybrid aluminum polymer capacitor offers a high-performance solution for many automotive power train applications, like Engine Control Units (ECUs), DC/DC converters, and 48V inverters for MEHV. A781 is ideal for industrial applications in 5G base stations, data centers/servers, SMPS, DC/DC converters, Computer Voltage Regulated Modules, Miniature High Power Supply, and more. This capacitor is ideal for use as backup, bypass, and decoupling as well as filtering, smoothing, and DC-Link applications. Features and benefits include:

  • High ripple current: up to 2.9A at 135ºC/2,000 hours (up to 2.6A at 125ºC/4,000 hours)
  • Low leakage current (Typically no re-aging required)
  • High vibration resistance up to 30g
  • Self-healing behaviors
  • Outstanding electrical performance
  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • RoHS compliant
  • Halogen-Free
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