A771 V-Chip Polymer, Long-Life, AEC-Q200

The A771 series utilizes our aluminum polymer technology, which provides higher stability, higher ripple current and longer life than traditional aluminum electrolytic technology. This solution is ideally designed for DC-DC converters, switching mode power supplies (SMPS), vehicle control modules and automotive auxiliary systems. The A771 aluminum polymer series combines the benefits of our A769 and A770 series for a high performance part with long life.


  • ESR Stability over Temperature and Frequency
  • Long Life (4,000 hours at 125ºC/Ur)
  • High Ripple Current (Up to 3.6Arms at 100kHz/125ºC)
  • Low Leakage (Up to 0.03CV)
  • Self-Healing
  • AEC-Q200 Qualified
  • RoHS and REACH Compliant
  • Halogen-Free
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