AC Filter

Filters high ripple harmonic content in the input of AC/DC converter, and output of DC/AC inverter systems



Capacitors placed on AC voltage lines to filter them are called AC filter capacitors. On three-phase AC power lines, these capacitors can be placed in either a delta or wye configuration.

  • In a delta configuration, the capacitors are connected between the different phases.
  • In a wye configuration, the capacitors are connected between each phase and a central point. This neutral point is sometimes connected to the ground or sometimes left as a floating neutral, depending on the system design.

These capacitors are excellent solutions to filter high ripple harmonic content in the input of AC/DC converter, and output of the DC/AC inverter systems. 

Because some of these capacitors can manage high levels of energy and several of them can be connected in banks, one of the most critical requirements for this technology is safety. The capacitors need to be exceptionally reliable and incorporate advanced safety disconnection features to protect against potential catastrophic failures.

  • Inverter Systems
  • Motor Drives
  • Battery Chargers
  • AC and Harmonic Filtering
  • Clamping / Damping Systems
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC)
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Product Listing

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Metalized Polypropylene Film (MKP)

Metalized Polypropylene Film (MKP)

AC filter capacitors use thin polypropylene film as their dielectric and are found in power converter circuits for filtering harmonic content in the input and output signals, as voltage modifier in commutation cells, and as PFC capacitors. These capacitors are stable over temperature, frequency, and time. They have low DF, excellent self-healing capability, and long operational lifetimes. The aluminum canister versions are resin impregnated and have overpressure disconnection features for safety.

  • Self-healing
  • High ripple current
  • Low losses
  • High reliability
  • Optimized AC voltage performance
  • Suitable for high-frequency applications (SiC and IGBT switching devices)
  • Meet AEC-Q200 (C4AF)