Current Challenges in the EV Market and How Passive Components Can Be Part of the Solution

Webinar, October 4, 2023

With the rapidly growing EV market, the charging infrastructure has become a challenge and efficiency has become an important topic. While more systems are integrated into the vehicle’s electromagnetic interference (EMI), this adds another challenge that is crucial to maintaining the reliability and compatibility of EVs and other electrical systems.

Energy storage and power delivery, especially during regenerative breaking and acceleration, requires a particularly designed capacitor that can handle those instantaneous changes. Lastly, thermal management is also an important factor when discussing the reliability and life expectancy of the EV components.

In this webinar, YAGEO Group will address how different technologies in passive components can help solve these challenges.

Start Date:
October 04, 2023
Start Time:
8:00 AM ET
End Time:
9:00 AM ET
Webinar, Automotive