High Reliability

KEMET has more than a century of experience providing highly reliable, stringently tested, and thoroughly screened capacitors for the defense, aerospace, and medical markets.



KEMET is a leader in providing high reliability solutions for applications critical to the defense, aerospace, and medical markets. Our high reliability tantalum and ceramic capacitors are manufactured, tested, and screened to provide high durability and endurance in the most extreme and mission-critical conditions.


MIL-Spec Applications

MIL-Spec Applications

KEMET not only provides MIL-PRF specification components, but we also offer custom product testing to meet any special requirements.

Soaring into Space

Soaring Into Space

KEMET has offered reliable space grade components since 1962, beginning with Telstar 1, up to the most recent Mars mission with Curiosity.

Qualified Product at Lower Cost

Qualified Products at Lower Cost

KEMET manufactures commercial grade components that pass MIL-PRF requirements and testing through our HRA/COTS programs.



High Reliability Commercial

KEMET’s High Reliability Alternative (HRA) and Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) program allows us to manufacture commercial grade components that pass MIL-PRF requirements and testing.

Without the need to adhere to strict MIL-PRF manufacturing processes, we can offer MIL-PRF performing parts at a lower customer cost.


HRA/COTS Benefits


  • Same reliability as MIL-PRF at a commercial cost
  • Readily available at many supplier sites
  • Extensive selection of component types to choose from


KEMET MIL-PRF products are offered in surface-mount or through-hole form factors to ensure that current and future designs are fully supported. The latest MIL-PRF standards are also supported by KEMET, such as MIL-PRF-32535.


MIL-PRF-32535 Benefits


  • Defense Logistics Agency's (DLA) first capacitor specification for defense and aerospace that capitalizes on industry-leading base metal electrode (BME) technology
  • KEMET’s M (standard reliability) and T (high reliability) products are QPL listed by the DLA to meet or exceed the MIL-PRF-32535
  • KEMET’s MIL-PRF-32535 MLCC series provides more than an 18-fold increase in capacitance over MIL-PRF-55681 and MIL-PRF-123
High Reliability MIL-Spec Applications



High Reliability Space

KEMET’s precision and reliability are the perfect fit for different national and international space programs. Additionally, we work closely with private companies on the next generation of reusable launch rockets. 

Key players in aviation and aerospace turn to KEMET for high reliability and mission-critical components to continue their successful launch platforms, flight vehicles, and orbital systems.


  • Passes both MIL–PRF–55365 and MIL–STD–1580
  • Extra testing applied to ensure reliability in extreme conditions found in space, such as Thermal Shock and Surge Current testing
  • Weibull graded parts to ensure maximum reliability
  • Fused versions available for extra built-in circuit protection
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