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KEMET's newest product offerings are helping build tomorrow.



Designed with our expertise in materials science and technology, our products are used in emerging applications such as filtering, power conversion, sensing, and energy storage. These applications are widely utilized in several industries including automotive, medical, consumer electronics, defense and aerospace, and telecommunications. With a robust road map and product launch plan, KEMET is positioned to offer comprehensive solutions for all your design needs.



C0G with KONNEKT™ Technology

C0G with KONNEKT technology surface mount capacitors are designed for high-efficiency and high-density power applications. Due to its high-temperature tolerance, it can be mounted close to fast switching semiconductors in high-power density applications that require minimal cooling. This capacitor is ideal for power converters, inverters, snubbers, and resonators where high efficiency is a concern.


MIL-PRF-32535 X7R, C0G, and BP surface mount capacitors are designed, tested, and screened to meet demanding high-reliability, defense, and aerospace application requirements. The MIL-PRF-32535 capacitors are based on Base Metal Electrode (BME) technology. These series are qualified under specification MIL-PRF-32535 and are QPL listed. They also meet or exceed the requirements outlined by DLA and are currently available in M (standard reliability) and T (high reliability) product levels. New voltage extensions available.

KC-LINK™ with KONNEKT™ Technology

KC-LINK with KONNEKT technology surface mount capacitors feature high density packaging and provide a design solution for high-efficiency and high-density power applications. These capacitors are well suited for power converters, inverters, snubbers, and resonators where high efficiency and space are primary concerns.

X7R with KONNEKT™ Technology

X7R with KONNEKT technology surface mount capacitors are designed for applications where higher capacitance and voltage are needed without requiring additional board space. X7R dielectric features a 125°C maximum operating temperature and is considered temperature stable.

In addition to their use in power supplies, these capacitors can be used in industries related to automotive (hybrid), telecommunications, medical, military, aerospace, semiconductors and test/diagnostic equipment. Automotive Grade devices are also available which meet the demanding Automotive Electronics Council’s AEC-Q200 qualification requirements.

Tantalum Polymer

Tantalum Polymer

Tantalum Polymer Automotive

KO-CAP Automotive Grade polymer electrolytic capacitors deliver higher capacitance and ESR stability under harsh application conditions. In addition, the high volumetric efficiency is a key factor for miniaturization solutions.

Polymer Hermetic Seal Capacitors

HRA Polymer Electrolytic offers the same performance advantages as other KO-CAP series with screening options associated with high reliability (Hi-Rel) applications. These HRA grade components offer several surge current screening options.



EMI Suppresion R53 X2

R53 X2 is a miniature EMI suppression film capacitor designed for harsh environments, is AEC–Q200 qualified, RoHS compliant, and operates within -40°C to 110°C temperature range. This capacitor achieves humidity robustness of Grade IIIB per IEC standards. This series is constructed of metallized polypropylene film encapsulated with self-extinguishing resin in a box with low halogen content per JS709C. Typical applications include automotive, smart utility meters, solar micro-inverters, AC and DC EMI filters (parallel with the main), capacitive power supplies and power line communication (in series with the main).

Pulse Capacitors R71H

R71H is a capacitor constructed of metallized polypropylene film with radial leads of tinned wire. This capacitor can reach operational temperatures up to 125°C, and is encapsulated in a self-extinguishing solvent resistant plastic case with thermosetting resin material. In addition to meeting the AEC-Q200 requirements for automotive applications, this capacitor is also suitable for industrial and renewable energy applications. 

DC-Link C4AK

C4AK is a metallized film capacitor with a long lifetime under extended mission profiles. With its 1000-hour rating at 135°C, the C4AK is well-suited for applications where the operating temperature is lower than 135°C, thus offering a longer lifetime than its counterparts. This capacitor meets AEC-Q200 qualification requirements. Other performance extensions to the film DC-link lineup include C4AU and C4AQ-P.

Pulse Capacitors R76

R76 polypropylene film capacitors provide stable capacitance and low dissipation factor that can handle high voltage, high dv/dt, and high ripple current for power conversion applications. R76’s AEC-Q200 qualification makes it suitable for DC/DC converters in automotive on-board charging systems and wireless power transfer devices. Their high dv/dt makes them suitable snubber capacitors to absorb switching transients generated by IGBTs and other switching elements.

EMI Suppression R52

R52 EMI Suppression series is constructed of metallized polypropylene film encapsulated with self-extinguishing resin in a box of material that meets the requirements of UL 94 V–0. The R52 Series is ideal for harsh environmental conditions and meets the demanding Automotive Electronics Council's AEC–Q200 qualification requirements.

Safety Capacitors
F862-V054 and SMP253

Safety certified film capacitors are specifically designed for conducted emissions attenuation in AC line filtering applications. The self healing capability of film capacitors makes them a great choice for safety across power lines as well as having internationally recognized safety certifications. These capacitors are well-suited for applications that require keeping potentially disruptive or damaging line transients and EMI out of susceptible equipment.

Aluminum Polymer

Aluminum Polymer

Electrolytic Organic Capacitors EO-CAP are solid polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors ideal for high bulk capacitance capable of delivering high ripple currents. Featuring ultra-low ESR as low as 10 mΩ, stable across operating temperature and frequency. EO-CAP are rated for high ripple current ranging from 1.2A up to 7.7A. Maximum operating temperatures reach up to 125°C, and operational life can be extended by 10x with every 20°C drop from the max operating temperature.

A768 Anti-Vibration V-Chip

A768 Anti-Vibration V-Chip capacitor offers:

  • Solid cathode system 
  • Low ESR / high ripple current 
  • Halogen-free 
  • AEC-Q200 (for A768 ≤ 63 V ) 
  • 30g anti-vibration (for A768 10 mm diammeter) 
  • Long life

A780 Hybrid Polymer V-Chip

A780 Hybrid Aluminum Polymer is a surface mount conductive polymer hybrid capacitor with outstanding electrical performance. This capacitor offers:

  • High ripple current for smaller case size
  • High temperature
  • Low leakage current
  • High vibration up to 30g
  • Self-healing behaviors
  • AEC-Q200
  • RoHS compliant and Halogen Free

PHA225 and PHH225 Hybrid Polymer

PHA/PHH225 is a conductive polymer hybrid capacitor with outstanding electrical performance. The device features:

  • A polarized all-welded design
  • Tinned copper wire leads
  • A negative pole connected to the case
  • Capacitance: 370 to 1,100 µF
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 125°C
  • Voltage Rating: 40 to 63 VDC
  • Operating Lifetime: More than 3,000 hours at 125°C
  • Both series are AEC-Q200 compliant

A798 Aluminum Organic Capacitor

A798 High Humidity/High Temperature aluminum polymer capacitors deliver higher capacitance and ESR stability under harsh environmental conditions. Enhancements to the design and selected material upgrades were introduced to deliver 1,000 hours at 85°C/85% RH rated voltage and 125ºC endurance life and storage. 

Aluminum Organic (AO-CAP) is a solid state aluminum capacitor. The cathode is a conductive organic polymer which results in very low ESR and improved capacitance retention at high frequency. AO-CAPs may be operated at steady state voltages up to 100% of rated voltage without the need to de-rate.






KeMOD High Voltage (HV) Electrolytic Capacitor Modules are devices that contain a bank of either ALF70 (A957 Module) or ALF80 (A958 Module) capacitors, mounted on a high-current-designed PCB. These ready-to-place modules offer outstanding electrical performance and high ripple current capability. These electrolytic capacitor modules are designed mainly for applications such as Solar Inverters, On-board Chargers, Motor Drives, and Pulsed Power.

AAR70 Automotive Rectangular

AAR70 is an AEC-Q200 qualified aluminum electrolytic rectangular capacitor, designed for automotive applications. It offers high capacitance, high ripple current capability, and vibration resistance up to 40g. The AAR70 offers excellent volumetric efficiency in a shape that lends itself to stacking into modules. The large surface area of the aluminum case allows for integration with a heat sink. AAR70 is capable of continuous operation of 10,000 hours at the maximum rated temperature of 85°C.

KeMOD 48V Capacitor Module

A927 and A928 series are electrolytic capacitor modules with outstanding electrical performance, high ripple current, and high energy storage capabilities. These devices contain a bank of PEH227 and PEH228 Radial Crown Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors mounted on a copper bus bar, housed in a plastic case. Low ESR is the result of a low resistive electrolyte/paper system and an all-welded design. Additionally, the optimal bus bar design enables a low ESL level. This modular device facilitates the integration on an application heat-sink and is ideal for automotive and 48V MHEV inverter applications.


Radial Crown SMD

Ultra-High CV SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors are available in vertically mounted (PEV) and horizontally mounted (PES) configurations for use in high ripple current applications that require excellent energy storage capability. They are capable of 125°C (PEx227) and 150°C (PEx228) performance. Low ESR is a result of the low resistivity electrolyte anode system and an all-welded design.

Axial & Radial Crown Ultra High CV 

Ultra high CV axial and radial crown electrolytic capacitors have outstanding electrical performance and high energy storage capability with operating temperatures up to 150°C. The capacitor features  a polarized, all-welded design, tinned copper wire leads, and a negative pole connected to the case. The winding is housed in a cylindrical aluminum can with a high purity aluminum lid and rubber gasket. These  automotive grade capacitors meet the demanding Automotive Electronics Council's AEC–Q200 qualification requirements.

85°C Screw Terminal and Snap-In

ALC70 Snap-In and ALS70/71 screw terminal capacitors offer high performance and reliability in a wide range of voltage ratings up to 630 VDC. These series also features high ripple currents and long-life performance. Volumetric efficiency ensures the maximum capacitance and voltage capability in a smaller size.



FMD and FU0H Series

FMD and FU0H series deliver 1,000 hours at 85°C/85% RH-rated voltage and an operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. The FU0H series offers the highest lifetime with up to 4,000 hours. These supercapacitors are qualified to an automotive testing protocol, manufactured in an ISO TS 16949 certified plant, and are subjected to PPAP/PSW and change control. They are ideal for automotive applications needing a main power system backup during a power loss, such as ADAS, autonomous vehicles, and central gateway ECUs.



SCR-XV and SCT-XV AC Line Filters

SCR-XV and SCT-XV common mode line filters have 144 items consisting of two types of vertical and horizontal layouts, three types of core sizes, and two types of core material combinations, allowing the selection of the most suitable specification for each application. These line filters also have a withstand voltage of 1,000 V to meet the higher voltage requirements of automotive batteries.

WPT Ferrite Tile

FPL series WPT ferrite tiles are designed with KEMET’s proprietary ferrite material technology, offering the highest charging efficiency. Ferrite material is used in tiles, plates, or pads in wireless power-charging systems to increase system efficiency by shielding and reflecting the magnetic field within the inductive transfer area. Their temperature robustness makes them operable up to +125°C, with operation up to 1 MHz. These AEC-Q200 qualified tiles are used in automotive and industrial applications and are available in various geometric sizes.

GTX Single-Phase Filter

KEMET GTX plastic case filters cover single-phase EMC requirements with a wide variety of characteristics. By using nanocrystalline core material, these filters achieve excellent attenuation characteristics in a compact size. In addition, 6 different combinations of Y capacitors can be selected to support various inverter topologies. These filters are compact and lightweight due to its high mechanical density.


FLEX SUPPRESSOR is a noise, electromagnetic wave and resonance suppression sheet, designed to mitigate high frequency noise generated from electronic devices. These sheets collect and redirect electromagnetic flux, which enhances the distance and efficiency of RFID in wireless and charging applications. Constructed with a polymer base and blended with micron-sized magnetic powders dispersed throughout the material, FLEX SUPPRESSOR can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes and can used instead of ferrite sheets to reduce the weight and size of electronic devices.




MPEV metal composite inductors are ideal for use in DC to DC switching power supplies for automotive applications. The metal composite core has high saturation characteristics maintaining functionality with high current transients and temperature-stable inductance. The high heat resistance of the inductor has been improved and allows for operating temperatures up to +180°C.

TPI Ferrite Core Inductors

TPI ferrite core inductors are designed for a very low core loss. Its flat wire, “one turn through the construction” design enables high efficiency at large currents. The core material is ideal for high switching frequency applications.

METCOM MPXV Automotive Grade Power Inductors

METCOM metal composite power inductors have an advantage over traditional ferrite inductors because of the core high saturation flux density, which enables a stronger magnetic field.

Sensors and Actuators

Sensors and Actuators

Multilayer Piezoelectric Actuators

AE and AER piezoelectric actuators are highly precise ceramic elements that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and are used in advanced industrial processes where force, speed, and accuracy are paramount. Built with KEMET's proprietary ceramic materials with high-electrostrictive factors, these actuators ensure reliability and robustness in ultra-fine positioning mechanism and drive sources. These actuators are smaller than conventional piezoelectric actuators and are available in a variety of shapes and form factors for use in pumps, vibration controls, sensors, motors, and printers. 

Environmental Sensors

KEMET's lineup of environmental sensors detect the condition of the environment and can be used to alert safety monitoring systems of changes in conditions. These sensors are based on the pyroelectric effect that make them lower in power consumption than traditional silicon-based sensors. Similar to how the piezoelectric effect converts mechanical energy to electrical energy when a crystalline lattice is disturbed, the pyroelectric is a crystalline lattice that converts blackbody thermal energy to electrical energy. 

Thermal Reed Switch

The TRS Thermal Reed Switch is a highly reliable, precise temperature-sensitive switch ideal for energy conservation. The screw mounting package of TRS-P makes it easy to set up in the application by screwing it into the device that needs temperature detection or overheat monitoring. Its unique proprietary design features a magnet and a temperature-sensing soft ferromagnetic substance called Thermorite®. The material’s magnetic flux density decreases as the temperature increases turning it into a paramagnetic substance at the Curie temperature. Typical applications include radiator water temperature detection for industrial and agricultural engines.

Haptic Actuators

Piezoelectric Haptic Modules (Film Flex Assembled Actuators) are flexible haptics actuator technology with the unique ability to provide localized, bodily sensations in gaming, VR controllers (gloves,) and smart capacitive buttons such as in-home speakers and trackpads. Additional applications include interaction with lips such as medical devices and musical instruments.