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You searched for a KEMET data sheet using the keywords: . However, we could not find a data sheet that matched your keywords or part number.

In order to find a KEMET Capacitor Data Sheet, type in the part number or as much as you know about the number in the Search @ KEMET at the top of each page. You can also access our complete listing of catalogs and datasheets by clicking here.

Use an A (for Aluminum), a C (for Ceramic) or T (for Tantalum) in the front of your part number. Example: A700, C0805 or T110. Or narrow your part search to less characters like C0805C instead of C0805C101. The KEMET Part Numbering scheme needs to be used when searching for a data sheet. The numbering schemes that are available are:

If you are searching for a specific capacitor, please use our CapacitorEdge® Web Application.

Searching for Capacitors
Click here for more information on CapacitorEdge®.