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KEMET NetList Files - Cadence

The Cadence files are based on an overly simplified RLC circuit, with values loaded for these elements from three file types: all ASCII files defined as “DCL” files containing a group of part numbers, “TXT” files defining the model package; and finally, the “DML” file that defines the electrical model elements.

Because these files are simplified to single RLC components, creating these files for electrolytic capacitors would create enormous errors and as such, the files created for these models is restricted to ceramic and film capacitors. In addition, although the KPS series capacitors do fit this modeling, they are with "J-Type" leadframe that makes them very different, and at this time we elected to leave these out of the created models.

The previous offering of the Cadence models were restricted to two very large groups: ceramics and film. These are now broken into smaller groups, with smaller "DML" files that may be more representative of your requirements. The ceramics are broken into groups by dielectric, and if this group was still considerably large it was broken down into smaller groups by chip size.

Contained within the compressed file for the ceramic capacitors are corresponding 'TXT' files for each part type. The compressed files are broken into dielectric, and size categories. Additionally, high voltage (500 V through 3 kV) and high temperature (200°C capability) are separated from the standard dielectric and size offerings.

The 'DCL' group files are created for common size and dielectric (e.g., cap_kemet_ceramic_c0g_c0201.dcl, cap_kemet_ceramic_c0g_hivolt_c0805.dcl, cap_kemet_ceramic_x7R_c1206.dcl, etc.), and these files contain a listing of the TXT files included in this particular group. For each DCL file, a corresponding DML file exists defining the capacitance and parasitic elements of resistance and inductance for all part types [cap_kemet_ceramic_x7r_c0805.dml].

First is a collection of the C0G files:
Next is a collection of the X5R and X7R part types:
The final grouping from ceramics includes the X8L, X8R, Y5V, and Z5U dielectric collections:

    As with the ceramic, the film (and paper) models are now broken into smaller segments to enable selection of smaller data modules. For the film (and paper) capacitors these files were separated by dielectric type, then by series type [e.g., GMC, GMW, GPC, and LDE PEN dielectrics]. The individual text files are by part kemet part numbering [e.g., "gmc10.2_224k63a31.txt"]. Except for the "PET MDx" capacitors, each compressed file will also contain one collection or DCL file [e.g., "cap_kemet_film_gmc.dcl"] and a model file ["cap_kemet_film_gmc.dml"]. The "PET Mdx" compressed files contain three collection files (MDC, MDK, and MDS) and three corresponding model files.

  • Cadence KEMET Film PEN GMC
  • Cadence KEMET Film PEN GMW
  • Cadence KEMET Film PEN GPC
  • Cadence KEMET Film PEN LDE
  • For the PEN dielectric capacitors, these are available in the GMC (boxed SMD), GMW (naked film SMD), and GPC (boxed SMD) series, There is also a more conventional SMD package available in chip sizes 1206 through 6054 are available in "Cadence KEMET Film PEN LDE Capacitors".

(7 PNs in Paper SMP)