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When Failure Is Not an Option 

When Failure Is Not an Option

By Per Loof, December 6, 2016

Each year, KEMET celebrates quality around the world at all of our locations. From our innovation centers to our manufacturing facilities, the importance of quality is reinforced to everyone – no matter their role at KEMET. To that end, I would like to iterate why quality is critical to KEMET.

KEMET capacitors help keep the world “Charged.” Our quality is trusted for demanding mission critical electronics requiring high-performance power management solutions where failure is not an option. This commitment to quality is evident in everything we do. Even though not all of us work directly making “parts," we each play a critical role in quality. Every job or function must be executed with quality in mind knowing that the quality of our work ultimately impacts our internal and external customers. 

All of us are essential in making sure the performance of KEMET capacitors meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Quality means that there are zero defects and it means delivering perfect parts. Certainly, our automotive customers have a “zero defect” target, and we strive to deliver to all of our customers with that critical focus. Furthermore, we have a very mature, detailed and proven quality system. It includes our quality manual and outlines how KEMET controls processes, changes to products, new product introduction, supplier quality and many other elements. 

A key element of KEMET Quality is consistently reinforcing and maintaining our Quality Policy and Objectives.

Our Quality Policy states:

KEMET exceeds customer expectations through operational excellence and continuous improvement.

Our Quality Objectives are:

•     Zero Defects

•     100% On-Time Delivery

•     Technology Leader

•     Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

•     Six Sigma Process Capability

•     World-Class Cycle Time Efficiencies

I take pride in knowing that each employee, every day, around the world reinforces KEMET’s reputation for supplier quality, process control, change control and many other aspects of our quality system. It is evident throughout KEMET, and the results are valued by our customers. To learn more how “KEMET Quality is Charging the World,” watch this video.