Welcome, KEMET Manufacturing Representatives 

​Note: After you have installed the client, you may launch your session by double clicking the following icon on your desktop:


There are a few requried steps that you need to complete prior to logging into the KEMET Manufacturing Representative workstation. Please follow the instructions below to complete your initialization and setup of your workstation.



Please refer to the User's Guide below and read the instructions for installing and connecting to the KEMET Manufacturing Representative workstation.


 If you are already logged into the KEMET SSL VPN, go to step 2 now.

In case you did not receive instructions in your e-mail, here are the KEMET Corporation SSL Site Login Instructions.

Here's a link to start the SSL VPN log in site that you will read about in the document above:

Log in to KEMET SSL VPN: http://employee.kemet.com/mfgrep

STEP 2 - Install Client:

Note: you only need to install this one time. Once installed, step 2 is no longer required.

Once you have authenticated through the SSL VPN and have a connection to KEMET's network, you need to initially install the VDM client, then launch the client once it is installed. In order to install the client, you need to click the following link and download the zip file "KEMET VDM Client 2.1.ZIP" on your PC and launch the executable file inside it. This will install the program that you will use to access the KEMET Manufacturing Representative workstation.

Step 3:

Once you have the VDM client installed, you may launch the client via the icon on your desktop that looks like this: