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Tools Engineers Can Trust 

Tools Engineers Can Trust

By Per Loof, February 19, 2016

KEMET, founded in 1919, is a global company and a historic brand that engineers and buyers trust. We’ve earned this trust by building a solid foundation of quality, service, innovation and ability to provide solutions and products to customer challenges that are easy to design in.  Listening to our customers’ needs has created new opportunities and solutions for the rapid pace of technology.

One way we listen to our customers is through our own employees. We employ over 500 engineers around the world. Our engineers’ insights and knowledge on products, applications, and a wide variety of industries, provides KEMET the leverage to be a leader in the tools and technology we offer.

Here are just a few tools and solutions from KEMET:

Engineering Center- The place for design engineers to find technical tools, content and blogs. Created for the seasoned design engineer and manager to recent college hires, there is something for everyone on Engineering Center. KEMET’s team of engineers cover everything from questions on ceramic capacitors, videos on KEMET’s technology found in our worldwide Innovation Centers, and updates on our latest design tools.

KEMET Electronic Components App- Available for both iPad and Android devices, this app provides convenient access to over 350 capacitor and electronic component product datasheets. App users can easily navigate by product type or search by keyword. The publications are stored locally providing fast access without the need for continuous Wi-Fi connectivity. The app notifies users when datasheet updates are available and provides automatic downloads, eliminating concerns over outdated product information.

K-SIM- A parameter simulation tool that aids design engineers in analyzing capacitor performance over a variety of conditions.

CapacitorEdge®- The industry’s most advanced part finder, CapacitorEdge enables users to search through nearly six million KEMET parts by part number, partial part number, description, competitive part number or search by electrical/physical characteristics —the most extensive parts database available today.

KEMET Institute of Technology (KIT)- A technology workshop based on classroom instruction and live discussion covering details on how capacitors are made, how they work, and their applications. Seminar topics are geared toward engineers with varying degree of technical complexity.

Quality- KEMET’s nearly six million distinct part configurations and production of over 30 billion pieces per year requires a serious commitment to quality. Every piece and part matters, and everyone plays a critical role in ensuring that we meet our quality objectives. KEMET's legacy of high quality products makes us a trusted supplier across all industries.

100% Conflict-Free Tantalum- As one of the world’s largest users of tantalum, KEMET took an early leadership position in the industry on the issue of obtaining certified conflict-free minerals. We lead the way with the “Partnership for Social and Economic Sustainability” conflict-free tantalum sourcing initiative. Engineers can trust that our products are 100% conflict-free.

For all these reasons, this is why KEMET is different than the competition and a brand that engineers can trust. What other tools would you like to see from KEMET?