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​​​​​​Customer​​​ Change Notification​

T5xxH Tantalum Polymer Surface Mount Black Encapsulation Material ​Conversion

August 14, 2014
ID Number (DDMMYYYY): PCN-14082014-CMC
Affected ProductsAll T5xxH Tantalum Surface Mount (SMD) Polymer Series, EIA Case Code 7360-20, produced in the ICT (Innovation Center Tantalum) in Greenville, SC, USA.​

ChangeThe ICT has evaluated and qualified a black encapsulation material for the T5xxH series. This qualified black encapsulation material has been used on KEMET’s Polymer products shipped from our Suzhou, China facility since 2013.
Justification & BenefitsThis conversion allows KEMET to be consistent and to standardize with the capacitor industry.​​
Effective Date & Identification​

The black encapsulation material has been qualified. Products with gold encapsulation material will continue to be shipped until customer approval is received for this PCN or up to November 14, 2014. Effective PWC 446, gold or black encapsulated products may be shipped until all gold encapsulated inventory is depleted. Once the gold encapsulated inventory is depleted, all T5xxH products will be shipped with black encapsulation material.​​

A qualification package and/or samples are available upon request.

ContactCristina Mota Caetano
Tantalum Technical Product Marketing Director
KEMET Electronics Corporation (
Tel: +351 96 330 84 59

Color and Date Code Change
(No Impact on Part Number)