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Question: Why is the T525 offered in a black epoxy as compare to the yellow at is ESR?
Answer: The black epoxy allowed us to phase in the non-brominated materials into our manufacturing process. The black color also will not discolor as the gold is likely to do at the elevated lead free solder temperatures.

Question: What does "free of brominated flame retardants" mean?
Answer: Bromine is an element added to the epoxy composition that has historically been used to suppress flammability. No KEMET products contain polybrominated biphenyls, and in addition, the T525 series does not contain any bromine. Removal of this element from the composition does not create a flammable substance, and testing to UL94 VO specifications confirms the epoxy maintains the “non-flammable” classification.

Question: What happens to the DC Leakage over the T525's operating temperature range (-55 to +125 degree C)?
Answer: All electrical properties for the tantalum-polymer devices were stable with the +125°C exposure – the only problems noted in the earlier tantalum-polymer offerings were related to the small percentage of pieces that showed large shifts in ESR (this has been eliminated with the T525). The DC-Leakage, capacitance, and dissipation factor continue to meet the guidelines specified in these tests.

Question: What capacitance tolerances are offered for the T525?
Answer: As with the other low ESR offerings in the industry, the T525 is offered with a capacitance tolerance of +/- 20%.

Question: Are there any manufacturing differences in the T520 and T525?
Answer: There are several key manufacturing and material differences that allow the T525 to be rated as a 125°C capable. If additional details are needed concerning these differences, please contact Technical Marketing.

Question: What are the packaging specifications for the T525 series?
Answer: The T525 are packaged in 12mm plastic tape on 7" (180mm) and 13" (330mm) reels, in accordance with EIA Standard 481-1. Both the reels and plastic carrier tape are recyclable. Specific reel quantities are listed in the Surface Mount Catalog (F-3102), which you may down load from

Question: What are the recommended storage conditions for the T525?
Answer: The T525 will be packaged in a moisture bag with a desiccant, the same as previous tantalumpolymer devices. It has an MSL Level III rating, requiring that the devices be mounted within 48 hours of opening the bag. If exposed to the open air for a longer period of time, the moisture content of the epoxy plastic may be high enough to cause small components mounted near the capacitor, to be moved by the release of the moisture from the case. There is a procedure that will allow the user to recover parts left in an open container for periods in excess of 168 hours.

Question: Why doesn’t the T525 have a Print Week Code (PWC) on the molded case?
Answer: The EIA standard specification for Ta Surface Mount Components does not require PWC.

Question: What is the country of origin of the T525?
Answer: USA

Question: What is lead frame material used on the T525?
Answer: The surface finish on the lead frame material is 100% tin.

Question: Is there a second source for the T525?
Answer: Yes. Both Sanyo and NIC Components Corp. offer 125oC rated tantalum polymer components

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