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​​​Customer Change Notification​

T498 150°C/T499 175°C​ ​Rated Tantalum Surface Mount Automotive Grade Series

August 20, 2014
ID Number (DDMMYYYY): PCN-20082014-CMC
Affected ProductsKEMET's Tantalum Surface Mount (SMD) Manganese Dioxide (MnO2) T498 150°C and T499 175°C Rated Series, produced in Matamoros, Mexico.​

ChangeIn an effort to better facilitate the component identification process for our customer's automated optical inspection (AOI) systems, KEMET will improve/enhance the printing process. The changes will improve the T498 and T499 laser marking, including the polarity indicator (+). These enhancements will result in a sharper visibility of the product markings which will improve the end customer's component identification process.​

Justification & BenefitsThis conversion allows KEMET to be consistent and to standardize with the capacitor industry.​​
Effective Date & Identification​

The effective date for laser marking enhancements in the Matamoros's location is on June 1st, 2015. It will also be applicable for date codes starting the first week of June, 2015 onward.

ContactCristina Mota Caetano
Tantalum Technical Product Marketing Director
KEMET Electronics Corporation (
Tel: +351 96 330 84 59​​

Laser Marking Improvements​​
(No Impact on Part Number)​

Laser marking.png