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​​​​​​​​​​​​​SPICE Simulations​​​




Version 4.0.​​​​​3

KEMET SPICE Software is intended to aid design engineers in analyzing the performance of ​these capacitors over frequency, temperature, ripple, and DC bias conditions. The capacitor types include ceramic (MLCC), tantalum, polymer, and aluminum polymer capacitor types. Each capacitor type behaves differently to the conditions of the circuit, some showing no changes to moderate ​changes, while others showing very large changes to these conditions. Although it is a stand​-alone, as a Windows based program, it is able to create files that can be imported into some commercial versions of SPICE software.​​​​​


KEMET SPICE Software - Version 4.0.3

4-Mar-2015 Rev 4.0.3​

  • ​​Capacitance selection now sorted by capacitance value.
  • Allow window repositioning and resizing.
  • Updated some part images for Tantalum products.
  • Improved model for DC bias effect for Ceramic capacitors.
  • Added copyright date for exported models.
  • Added over 100 total parts for Ceramic and Tantalum including High Voltage X7R.
  • Various other internal changes for KEMET use only and typographical errors corrected.