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Parts Search
Parts Search is used to find specific parts. This powerful search engine allows you to search using any of the following formats:

KEMET part: Description: Partial part /
partial description:
Competitor part:
T356K476K025AT SMT Tant low ESR 47mfd 25V D T491C226 10TPB220ML
MMK10223J250A01L16.5TR16 Ceramic 0603 10Mike X5R C0603C121 EEFUE0D391R
CWR11FH336KB Chip 0402 33 puff 5% T530X337M 202R18W102KV4E
T262C107K010DS Dipped tantalum,68U,16V, .2LS PHE426HB470J 199D336X9016D6V1
C0603S122K5RACTU Bullet, 100MF, 10V 10pct TAJ 10uf 16V B case MKT1817-310/254

Keyword Search
Looking for part series catalogs, news releases, or technical papers. Keyword Search is used to find more general information on Example search strings include:

Part Families: Technical: Investor Relations: Application
T491 Packaging Annual Report Automotive
C0603 CARTS Earnings Release Military
Tantalum ISO-TS Investor Presentation Flexible Terminations
Ceramic SPICE Management Team High Volt
Film Quality Proxy High Temperature

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