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​Take your high voltage management applications to new levels with the KEMET T550 and T551 Series Polymer Hermetic Seal (PHS) capacitors. As compared to wet tantalums, the PHS Series provides greater than 90% lower ESR, 40% increased ripple current capabilities and improved capacitance retention at high frequency and low temperature. As a result, PHS offers the highest total capacitance, surpassing wet tantalum performance. Additionally, these parts may be operated at voltages up to 80% of rated voltage with equivalent or better reliability than traditional MnO2 or wet tantalum capacitors operated at 50% of rated voltage. And under certain operating conditions, the PHS renders to be the most economical high power solution available. Solid internal construction drastically improves shock and vibration robustness, all within an approximately 25% lighter package than the equivalent wet tantalum capacitors.

KEMET’s PHS is now available in a surface mount configuration, with all the above benefits in a true surface mountable device. Please note that there are mandatory mounting conditions for this new SMD capacitor and it must be hand-soldered. The use of standard SMD processes for board mount will cause irreversible damage to this product.