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Is Quality Part of the Culture? At KEMET, Yes!

By Per Loof, October 16, 2015​​​

This October kicks off National Quality Month in the USA and Canada, which was established by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) in 1984. This is followed by World Quality Month in November and is celebrated globally. Each year during this time, KEMET solidifies our culture of quality with our nearly 10,000 employees and 30 locations worldwide. Part of our culture of quality is having a clear understanding and pride for the KEMET brand.

KEMET, founded in 1919, is a historic brand and a global company that engineers and buyers around the world trust and depend on. As a technology and material science company, we take pride in being “easy-to-design-in” striving to be involved from the very beginning of our customers’ design cycles. By providing quality products and services, we aim to increase our value as a trusted supplier and components partner. From the material science perspective, KEMET utilizes 59 of the 118 elements in the periodic table in the development and manufacture of our parts. KEMET’s nearly 5 million distinct part configurations and production of over 30 billion pieces per year requires a commitment to quality. As a result of exceeding customer expectations, high reliability versions of our capacitors have been used in every important defense and aerospace effort over the past 60 years. KEMET's legacy of high quality products makes us a trusted supplier across all industries.

At KEMET, our culture of quality is a set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices. The manner in which each of our employees approach their work with pride is, in my view, a large part of what separates us from other companies. I have long been a proponent of our company’s unmatched “secret sauce”: a mix of product selection and innovation, combined with dedicated and customer-focused people.

I can attest that, each day, all of us at KEMET strive to exceed customer expectations through operational excellence and continuous improvement. Team members often work on projects designed to improve the company’s overall value. It is an ongoing process and is an imperative to the success of KEMET.

Our Quality Objectives are:
  • Zero defects
  • 100% on-time delivery
  • Technology and material science global leadership
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Six Sigma process capabilities
  • World-class cycle time efficiencies

At KEMET, every piece or part matters and everyone plays a critical role in ensuring that we meet our quality objectives. All of our employees do not work directly making parts, however, every job in the company has to be executed with quality in mind, knowing that everyone’s work ultimately impacts our customers. To see more on how KEMET is committed to our “Culture of Quality,” watch the video here.