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Why Do So Many Engineers Choose Tantalum Capacitors from KEMET?

By Per Loof, November 5, 2014​​

As CEO, I don’t always get the chance to talk to engineers from our customer companies; but, when we hold KEMET Institute of Technology (KIT) workshops, I try to drop by. At our big KIT event a few weeks back at our headquarters in South Carolina (USA), I talked with a small group who really drove home why tantalum capacitors remain so popular. High volumetric efficiency, outstanding long-term stability, high-temperature capabilities, low noise, self-healing – it’s just a list of properties that no other kind of capacitors can match.

Some of the companies these engineers work for have been buying tantalum capacitors from KEMET for decades. I think there are a lot of good reasons for that. One of which is our commitment to innovation in both solid tantalum and tantalum polymer capacitors, and we hold 95 active tantalum patents that prove it.

You may not realize it, but KEMET was first to market with polymer high-voltage, commercial-off-the-shelf and hermetically sealed capacitors, which have all made new applications possible. The same is true of our high-temperature tantalum families, now with a maximum temperature capability of over 200°C, which is the highest in the industry. We also make tantalum surface-mounts with the industry’s highest energy per cubic centimeter and elite solid tantalum capacitors with the highest levels of reliability and highest breakdown voltages. These have been made possible by our innovative F-Tech manufacturing technology and patented Simulated Breakdown Screening technology.

We have also developed an alliance with NEC TOKIN - a leading component manufacturer in Japan. When you look at our combined tantalum product portfolio, there’s pretty much anything you could want; including, the broadest selection of both manganese dioxide and polymer tantalum capacitor types plus the best in tantalum technology – like polymer capacitor families with the highest CV and lowest ESR levels in the industry and market-leading packaging.

With KEMET, you get stable pricing and supply. That’s because we’re the only tantalum capacitor supplier with a sustainable, conflict-free, vertically integrated tantalum supply chain – from the sourcing of conflict-free tantalum ore to chemical processing to capacitor manufacturing. Production is all in-house, so we can make tantalum powder, wire and anodes to the highest purity standards, too.

And you can always count on us to deliver what you need, where and when you need it. (They don’t call us the “Easy to Buy From” company for nothing.) Our global engineering, manufacturing and logistics capabilities are second to none.

The most complete tantalum capacitor selection, the most advanced technology, the best performance, total supply reliability... I think that’s a combination that’s hard to beat which may explain why no one has!