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Our Part in the Solid-State Lighting Revolution

By Per Loof, March 23, 2015​

As I was writing my last post (The Power of Light) and thinking about our donation of 2,000 LED flashlights to the children of Kisengo, it caused me to consider the benefits of LED versus traditional lighting. LEDs consume less energy, last longer, allow innovative design options, and are recycle-friendly.

Like most electronic systems, LEDs are getting smaller and offering more features and benefits. The cost of LED replacement lighting is falling and industry experts expect these systems to grow at 17% per year over the next five years.

Our company, KEMET Electronics Corporation, manufactures capacitors that are used in a variety of solutions to meet the very high demands of these solid-state lighting applications. In fact, one of our Field Application Engineers spoke on the topic of how capacitors are critical to LED systems at the United States Department of Energy Solid State Lighting Workshop in San Francisco, California this past January.

KEMET continues to deliver improvements in capacitor technology that are helping to keep the LED lighting revolution on track, and that helps the children of Kisengo have a little more light.