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​Polymer Electrolytic Capacitor (KOCAP)

Surface Mount Catalogs

Industrial Grade

    • T520 Polymer (2V-10V)
    • T521 High Voltage Polymer (16V-65V)
    • T522 Reduced Leakage Polymer
    • T525 125C Rated Polymer (2V-10V)
    • T528 Low ESL/Facedown (CPU/GPU Decoupling)
    • T530 High Capactiance / 125C Rated Polymer (2V-10V)
    • T545 Series High Energy Polymer​

Miniature Se​​ries

    • T527 Facedown Polymer (3216 & 3528 Size)
    • ​T529 Small Case Substrate (2012 & 3216 Size)

Automotive Grade Series

    • ​​T591 High Performance Polymer

High Reliability Commerical Off-The-Shelf (COTS)

    • ​​T540 Polymer COTS (DLA Drawing 04051)
    • T541 Polymer COTS (DLA Drawing 04052)
    • T543 Polymer COTS

Polymer Modules

    • ​​​TSP Polymer Stack Series

KEMET Aluminum Organic Capacitor (AOCAP)

    • ​​​​A700 Series Polymer Aluminum

Through-Hole Catalogs

KEMET Polylmer Hermetically Sealed (PHS)

    • ​​T550 Axial Polymer Hermetic Seal (PHS) 105C and DLA Series
    • T551 Axial Polymer Hermetic Seal (PHS) 125C Series