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Just Ask Us 

Just Ask Us

By Per Loof, January 24, 2017

Every now and then, I do have some fun at work. I kicked off our new series titled, “Ask an FAE.” Products across every segment of the electronics industry contain KEMET capacitors and components. In these videos, our goal was to answer the many technical questions we receive about how to use our components in electronic designs. We collected the top questions KEMET Field Application Engineers (FAEs) are asked and answered them. These questions were sent in here and from live customer discussions.

The first “Ask an FAE” video answers a question regarding ceramic capacitors and how capacitance changes with applied voltage. If you need more details or aren't sure the four ways that ceramic capacitors lose capacitance, you can learn even more. This video, and others, have links to additional information.

Every other week, a new video will be posted. To see what else we answer, subscribe to the KEMET YouTube channel or the KEMET Engineering Center Newsletter(sign-up at the bottom of that page). If there is a question you want to ask, you can do so by submitting your question here. Even if you have a question you don't want answered in a “Ask an FAE” video, you can still ask your question. Don’t forget that we also have Engineering Center, our online education center, which offers a wealth of information and answers for engineers from our own engineers and FAEs at KEMET.

I hope you enjoy this video series. It was fun to make and we all look forward to answering more of your questions about KEMET components. If there is something else you’d like to see, please let me know in the comments.