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AC Chokes

AC Line Filters feature a compact, low-profile and lightweight design. A variety of options are available including split or non-split bobbin design in common and differential modes. High frequency (HF) chokes are also offered in various form factors and heights. Suitable applications include audio-visual and office automation.
  Ferrite Inductors

These leaded power inductor coils are designed with ferrite cores suitable for high-frequency applications and are also useful in various fields such as DC/DC converters and noise filters

Metal Composite Inductors

Metal Composite Inductors are designed for use in power supplies with high ripple current. These inductors offer superior saturation current and low profiles, which makes them ideal in applications with space constraints.
SMD Inductors & Ferrite Beads

These surface mount inductors and ferrite beads are designed for use in every type of electronic equipment including computers, telecommunication, automotive, defense, medical and consumer. Offerings include both wire-wound and multilayer inductors for power applications, EMI filtering/suppression and oscillating matching.