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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Film Capacitors​


KEMET's complete line of power film and paper capacitors, available in both surface mount and through-hole form factors, are designed for use in all types of electronic equipment including power and alternative energy, industrial, telecommunications, automotive, military, medical and consumer electronics applications.


Quick Datasheet Links

KEMET AC Line EMI Capacitors - Click for datasheets
       AC Line EMI Capacitors

X & Y Capacitors

​    Radial & SMD Construction

   • PP dielectric up to 125°C​
  • Paper dielectric up to 115°C
  • ENEC, cUL, CQC certificates
  • RFI suppression
  • X1​-X2-Y1-Y2 radial version
  • Y2 SMD version (Paper     dielectric only​)

KEMET capacitors for AC series power supply - Click for datasheets                                          Capacitive Power Supply


          Radial Constru​ction

   • PP dielectric up to 110°C​
  • Paper dielectric up to 110°C
  • ENEC, cUL, CQC certificates
  • In series with the mains
  • X1-X2 available
  • Harsh environmental ​​conditions

Metallized PETMetallized PPS

   Radial & Axial Construction

  • PET dielectric up to 125°C​
  • PPS dielectric up to 150°C
  • Radial pitch 5.0 ÷ 37.5 mm
  • DC-link applications
  • Coupling/decoupling
  • Bypassing  • Input and output filtering for            high frequency applications

Pulse Metallized PP

   Radial & Axial Construction

  • PP dielectric up to 125°C​
  • Single/double metallized film
  • Film/foil
  • Radial pitch 5.0 ÷ 37.5 mm
  • Resonant circuit
  • DC-Link applications  • Input and output filtering for            high frequency applications  • Sampling & holding circuit
  • PFC/timing

Metallized PEN/PET
Metallized PPS
Metallized Paper

          SMD Construction

  • Dielectric: PEN/PET/PPS/Paper
  • Encapsulated/non-encapsulated 
  • DC-link applications
  • Coupling/decoupling
  • Bypassing  • Input and output filtering for            high frequency applications

Specialty Components


          Radial Construction

  • EMI transient suppression
  • RC units
  • DIL (Dual-In-Line)


Power & AC

Film Capacitors

 KEMET offers a wide range of products for IGBT and other snubbing, DC-link and filtering, AC filtering and power factor correction applications. Models are available  in plastic boxes, plastic cans and aluminum cans. KEMET also offers DC-link capacitors for hybrid and electric vehicles, alternative  energy, power generation and  industrial applications.
AC Motor.jpg AC Motor

Film Capacitors

 KEMET offers a wide range of products for motor start and run applications in plastic and aluminum cans. 
 • Safety class: S2, S1 and S0
 • Working class: A, B, C and D  
 • Air fans and pumps • Circulators • Low power electric motors
 • Compressors

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