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​​EMI-RFI Filters​​​

KEMET has linked the extensive technical knowledge of their film capacitor manufacturing division to the experience and technical capability within the EMC test facility in Sweden, to produce a wide range of RFI filter products. This range is the widest available from one source, including filters for white goods, consumer and office equipment, professional appliances, three phase power, feed-through and military applications.​

​​EMI Filters Product Selection Guide​​
​​TOKIN Noise Filters Catalog

Summary Table

Filter Series Type Rated Current Construction Approvals Features Applicaitons

Shielded Room Filters


SR Powerline Single and multi-stage, single line 1A to 100A Metal case, bulkhead mount UL Industry standard high attenuation performance, robust, quality construction, neon power indicators Screened rooms, medical and communication areas

Feed Through Filters Ceramic

AK CC, Pi, and CL configurations, ceramic dielectric 0.06A to 25A Metal case with screw fixing wire or tag termination styles UL certain models, BS 9121-F008/20/21, meets MIL-F15733 Wide range of product types circuit configuration (C/LC/CL/Pi/T/2Pi/2T) and performance levels upto 10GHz. Military, industrial, telecoms and mechanical applications

Feed Through Filters Film

CC, Pi, and CL configurations, film dielectric 0.06A to 300A Metal case withscrew fixing wire or tag termination styles UL certain models, BS 9121-F008/20/21, meets MIL-F15733 Wide range of product types circuit configuration (C/LC/CL/Pi/T/2Pi/2T) and performance levels up to 10GHz. Self healing, good temperature stability and voltage spike resistance Military, telecom, industrial, medical, control systems

Chassis Mount Filters Solar Photovoltaic Panel Filters

FLLE2_PV DC chassis mount 25 to 1600A Metal case with busbar or terminal block connections Conformance with IEC/EN 60939 and UL 1283 Optimized geometry and power loss. Attenuates high frequency noise that may degrade solar panels and reduces radiated EMI from the panel output Photovoltaic applications between the solar panels and inverter

Chassis Mount Filters Solar / Wind Inverter Filters

FLLD3_PV Three Phase chassis mount 150 to 2500A Metal case with busbar or threaded terminal connections Conformance with IEC/EN 60939 and UL 1283 Optimized geometry and power loss, ideal filter characteristics for inverter systems Energy conversion inverter systems such as photovoltaic and wind power generators between the inverter and the line. Also for motor drive systems

Lighting/Medical EMI Filter



FLH...DK Single Phase LC 1.4A to 7.0A Plastic case, screw mounting with flexible wires Conformance with IEC/EN 60939 No leakage current to protective earth Lighting systems with several electronic ballasts, that need to comply to EN55015. Medical equipment where leakage currents are limited.

Chassis Mount Filters Motor Drive Filters

FA/FLLD Single and Three Phase 0.5A to 800A Metal case, screw mounting with fast-on, stud, safety block, or lead terminations, with rectangular flange or lock nut mounting VDE, UL, CSA on certain models Wide range of power and performance levels in compact enclosures with low earth leakage and medical versions available Low to high power ​industrial equipment, switch mode power supplies, medical equipment, general purpose OEM usage, UPS and other power equipment, industrial frequency and drives, machine tools, process and industrial control, high frequency welding equipment, screened rooms, telecoms.

Chassis Mount Filters Motor Drive Filters


FLLE Single Phase chassis mount 6A to 95A Metal case with safety block or stud terminations Conformance with UL, VDE Wide range, compact and low profile, economic solutions for many general purpose requirements Industrial frequency converters and motor drives, machine tools, UPS, SMPS and other general purpose power equipment

Motor Drive - Three Phase


Single-stage chassis mount 8A to 450A Metal and aluminium enclosures with safety block, stud, or cable output terminals UL, cUL on certain models Wide range of power and performance levels, plus 4 voltage ratings and in 3 or 4 line formats on certain models, low earth leakage ranges available Industrial frequency inverters and drives, machine tools, UPS and other worldwide powerdrive systems
F.LL.D3 - HN.R2
Single-stage chassis mount high voltage
(Residential / Light Industrial)
Multi-stage slimline chassis mount 8A to 300A
F.LL.D3 - FP
(Residential / Light Industrial)
Multi-stage footprint / vertical mount 8A to 17A
F.LL.D3 - SC
High performance, multi stage bookend mount 8A to 130A
F.LL.D3 - BN
Compact, single stage bookend mount 7A to 180A

Motor Drive - Three Phase + Neutral

F.LL.D4 - DN
(Residential / Light Industrial)
Compact, lightweight, low earth leakage, chassis mount 8A to 64A Aluminium enclosure, cable or safety termination Conformance with VDE, UL & CSA requirements High attenuation, high voltage, space saving design Powersystems, machine tools, control cabinets, SMPS, medical equipment

Cylindrical Case

FN LC Filter 1A to 16A Plastic case with 5 fast-on terminals and mounting stud or push-fit stud UL, VDE High level of suppression, in compact low cost package, 10 performance variants White goods, consumer goods, industrial machines, business equipment

PCB Mount

FA LC General purpose chassis or PCB mount filters 0.5A to 16A Plastic case, PCB or bracket mounting, fast-on termination. VDE, UL, CSA on certain models Compact, high performance, low leakage, economical range Industrial measuring equipment, office equipment, consumer electronics, white goods, PCs

IEC Inlet Filters

FB Inlet Filter with fuse holders 1A to 16A Metal case, with screw or snap-in fixings, fast-on terminations VDE, UL, CSA on certain models Economical, compact size to performance ratio filters, with multiple options to suit. Available in low leakage models for medical applications Business equipment, computers, VDUs, entertainment equipment, cash registers, medical instruments and many general purpose applications

Custom Filter Solutions

Custom Filter Solutions


  • Complete bespoke designs
  • Equivalent or enhanced versions of other manufacturers’ filter products
  • Tailoring of standard filter products
  • Advice on all aspects of EMC compliance
  • Initial or remedial testing

EMC Measuring and Test Facilities

EMC Measuring and Test Facilities

Test Facilities

  • Semi Anechoic Chamber (SAC) 10 x 5 x 5 m (L x W x H)
  • Weather protected Open Area Test Site (OATS) 15 x 8 x 5 m
  • (L x W x H)

Swedish accreditation for the most common EN-standards


  • Conducted emission 9 kHz - 30 MHz
  • (CISPR 16-2-1, -1-2)
  • Radiated emission 30 MHz - 2.5 GHz (CISPR 16-2-3)
  • Radiated power 30 - 300 MHz (EN 55014-1)
  • Harmonics and flicker 3-phase up to 32 A per phase
  • (EN 61000-3-2, -3, 11, -12)


  • ESD up to 8 kV CD/15 kV AD (EN 61000-4-2)
  • Radiated electromagnetic field up to 20 V/m 80 MHz - 3.3 GHz (EN 61000-4-3)
  • Electrical fast transient/burst up to 8 kV (EN 61000-4-4)
  • Surge transient up to 6 kV (EN 61000-4-5)
  • Induced radio-frequency field up to 10 Vrms (EN 61000-4-6)
  • Power frequency magnetic field up to 100 A/m (EN 61000-4-8)
  • Voltage dips and short interruptions 3-phase up to 32 A per phase (EN 61000-4-11)