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Digital Signatures
Requirement Specifications

Full details of the IPC-1752 standard are maintained at

This IPC Web page states that for IPC-1752-1 pdf documents, Adobe Reader® 7.0.5 is required as minimum to open the PDF form; 7.0.7 or higher is recommended. Adobe Reader® 8 is not supported at this time.

KEMET's List of Authorized Digital Signatures
  • Marcy Brand
  • Jeannette Calvo
  • Mary Carter-Berrios
  • Judith Gonzalez
  • Joel Sherman
KEMET's Digital Signature

The following is the procedure for adding KEMET's approved signers to your list of trusted identities:

1. The digital signature is located in the "Declaration Signature" box, on the second page of the IPC-1752 pdf file:

2. When you open a file with a digital signature which you have not trusted, the icon associated with the signature contains a question mark:

3. To examine details of the signature, simply click on the signature. Initially, the signature's validity will be unknown because it has not been added to your list of "Trusted Identities". Next click Signature Properties:

4. Now click Show Certificate:

5. You will be reminded that changes will not be visible until you revalidate the signature (shown in a moment). Your also advised to use caution when trusting certificates. Click OK:

6. Select "Signatures and as a trusted root" and then click OK:

7. Click Verify Signature:

8. Notice the signature is "VALID" and the Signer's Identity is valid. Now every time you open a document by this signer, you should see their "VALID" signature:

9. When viewing the trusted signature within the IPC-1752 pdf file, the associated icon will contain a green checkmark:

Verifying Authenticity of KEMET's Digital Signature

The following side by side images will assist you in determining the authenticity of a KEMET Digital Signature:

1. When you open an IPC-1752 pdf file, view the signature in the Declaration Signature box on the second page.

1a. Good Example

1b. Bad Examples

2. Click on the signature to open the Signature Validation Status window. A valid example is followed by an invalid example:

3. Click on Signature Properties and view the Summary tab. A valid example is followed by an invalid example:

4. View the Document tab. A valid example is followed by an invalid example: