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Customer Change Notification​

Implementation of Electroplated Ni as Counter Electrode Layer on MnO Surface Mount Tantalum Capacitors

UpdateCustomer Change Notification CCN-020112-CWF has been placed on hold. For more information, please click here.
February 1, 2012
ID Number (MMDDYY): CCN-020112-CWF
Affected ProductsT48x, T49x, T510 Surface Mount Tantalum MnO2 Commercial products.
ChangeReplacement of silver (Ag) paint metalized counter electrode layer with electroplated nickel (Ni).
Justification & Benefits

In comparison to a conventional silver filled resin layer, electroplated nickel (Ni) forms a stronger external shell which reduces the stress placed on the internal layers during the assembly, molding and reflow operations, enhancing electrical stability. Significant improvement in ESR stability during lead-free reflow is observed with the plated nickel cathode. Historically, there have been issues noted in the industry related to leakage failures caused by silver migration under high humidity conditions. By replacing the silver layer with plated nickel, the source of this failure mechanism has been eliminated.

Fluctuations in availability of key raw materials have caused scheduling issues for KEMET’s manufacturing plants. In order to assure a consistent on-time supply of raw material required for the counter electrode layer, electroplated nickel has been approved as an alternative material.

There will be no part number change associated with this material change. The standard KEMET part number will result in shipment of electroplated nickel with KEMET tantalum wire. KEMET will ship product manufactured with silver paint against purchase orders entered using standard KEMET part numbers until the inventory of this product is depleted. After that time, further shipments will comprise product manufactured with the enhanced nickel plated cathode, KEMET tantalum wire and black epoxy. The time required to consume finished product produced with silver paint will vary by part type.

Identification of electroplated Ni product will be by the use of black mold compound. Please see the diagram below.

Transition is scheduled to begin April 1, 2012. Material will include electroplated Ni, black mold compound and KEMET tantalum wire.

A data package is available upon request.

Effective Date & IdentificationThis change will be phased in over the next 24 months, starting on April 1, 2012. Both silver and nickel plated material will be shipped until all finished goods inventory of silver material is depleted.
Connie Fischer
Quality Director, Tantalum Business Group
Tel: 956.548.7212
Cristina Mota Caetano
Director of Technical Product Marketing & CQE, Tantalum Business Group
Tel: + 35.96.330.84.59