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Customer Change Notification​

Tantalum Surface Mount MnO2 Evora Phase-Out

November 1, 2012
ID Number (DDMMYYYY): CCN-01112012-CMC
Affected ProductsAll KEMET Tantalum Surface Mount (SMD) Manganese Dioxide (MnO2) Series produced in Évora, Portugal:
KEMET Nomenclature Legacy EPCOS Nomenclature
T491_ZTB45196E/H, B45194E, B45192E, B45190E
T495_ZTB45197A/R, B45194R, B45192R, B45190R, B45196/7L, B450*
ZT_xxxxB45xxxS Special Part Types
ChangeOn November 1, 2012 KEMET will begin the consolidation of manufacturing for all tantalum surface mount devices with MnO2 counter-electrode to existing KEMET manufacturing sites in Matamoros and Victoria, Mexico.
This change impacts all Tantalum SMD MnO2 products currently manufactured in KEMET’s Evora, Portugal facility. KEMET offers the part numbering nomenclature T_ AT from existing manufacturing sites in Matamoros and Victoria, Mexico.
Justification & BenefitsThe consolidation of the manufacturing process in Mexico locations will allow KEMET to optimize the resources (equipment and manpower) and provide a focal point for all requirements related to MnO2 technology. This consolidation allows KEMET to take the best practices from all locations, giving customers a better quality process/product.
During the transition process, KEMET will provide the necessary support for the change (re-qualification requirements, safety transition stock, etc.).
Effective Date & IdentificationThe consolidation process starts November 1, 2012 with an effective closing date of March 31, 2013.
ContactCristina Mota Caetano
Tantalum Business Group Technical Product Marketing Director
KEMET Electronics Corporation (
Tel: +351 96 330 84 59

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